Everyone has their own ideas about the perfect ceremony, whether it's something opulent or an intimate gathering at home.

Wherever you’d like to get married, I can be there too, whether you choose an elegant hotel, a grand manor house, a rustic barn, a charming village hall, a cosy restaurant, a beloved family home, a picturesque marquee, a private garden, by a tranquil lakeside, or amidst the natural beauty of a paddock or woodland.  A personalised Celebrant-led ceremony can take place in any location, even if it's not a licensed wedding venue.  Maybe you fancy a twilight wedding beneath the starry night or an intimate ceremony just for the two of you at your favorite romantic spot? I can create a wonderful, memorable ceremony which will reflect your wishes. 

wedding in private garden

Credit: Jenna Kathleen Photographer 

Wedding Ceremony in a Private Garden 

If you have a lovely garden, hosting your wedding ceremony in your own outdoor haven offers a truly intimate and personal ambiance, along with added sentimental value for the ceremony. Gardens can be effortlessly transformed into a magical wonderland with the twinkle of fairy lights and the warm glow of candles. 

Ceremony at Licensed Wedding Venues

If you prefer to choose a licensed wedding venue, the decision is yours to choose either a Registrar or a Celebrant-led ceremony. Registrar ceremonies are limited in time and can sometimes feel rather rushed, mainly because Registrars often officiate multiple weddings during a single day.

As a Celebrant, my focus is entirely on one wedding per day, creating a relaxed and personal atmosphere. What's more, unlike a Registrar, I take the time to get to know you several months before your big day. This means that when your ceremony arrives, you'll have peace of mind of knowing exactly who'll be conducting your special ceremony.  All you need to do is reserve your venue and let the venue co-ordinator know that you'd like a celebrant-led ceremony. If you should find the procedure rather overwhelming, I'm more than happy to organise this.  I always co-ordinate with your wedding planner, venue co-ordinator, photographer, musician, and others to make sure your ceremony is tailored to your preferences. Take a look at some of the licensed wedding venues I'm very familiar with HERE

Do I need to pay both a Registrar and a Celebrant?

No, you don't pay a Registrar's attendance fee in addition to a Celebrant's fee when you opt for a licensed wedding venue. (Registrar's current fees: approximately £500 to £700, subject to variations based on the day of the week and registration district. These fees increase annually.)

Celebrant wedding at Hazel Gap Barn, Budby

Credit: Chris Snowdon Photography

Bridal Gown: Charlotte Elizabeth Bridal