How to Make a Wedding Legal

A wedding ceremony symbolises the love and commitment you share in the presence of your cherished guests... the legal aspect is formal paperwork!

how to arrange a legal wedding

This process is known as a Statutory Marriage, often referred to as a '2 plus 2.' It involves making legal declarations at a register office, which costs just £56* (plus £12.50 for a legal marriage certificate) and signing a marriage schedule along with two witnesses on any date before your Celebrant ceremony. Alternatively, you can choose to complete the legal paperwork at a later date. There's no need to exchange rings or dress up for this – save that for your special ceremony day!

The approach of legally 'signing on the dotted line' followed by a Celebrant-led wedding ceremony is gaining popularity. In fact, research by revealed that Celebrant-led ceremonies are one of the most popular wedding trends for 2024 and beyond.

While this practice is straightforward, I completely understand that the legal process may appear complicated. As a former Registrar, I'm able to guide you through every step of the way! Register offices have limited availability for statutory marriages, so please do contact me as soon as possible to enable me to help with this option.

It's also important to note that a statutory marriage doesn't have to take place on the same day as your wedding ceremony. Just like a birthday party doesn't have to be on the exact day of your birth.  You'd  celebrate your wedding anniversary in future years on the date of your ceremony – the day you celebrate with all your family and friends.

*in addition, some register offices may also charge a non-refundable booking fee approx £30