A Naming Ceremony is a special event to celebrate the birth of a new baby, welcome an adopted child or stepchildren into the family to form part of the bonding within an extended family unit. This is a significant moment in the life of a child and their family. 


The ceremony is a joyous occasion giving parents, grandparents, supporting adults, relatives and friends the opportunity to welcome a child by making promises of support and commitment in a unique family celebration. It’s a significant moment that family and guests will remember and treasure in the years that follow.

As a Celebrant, I work closely with you as parents (married/unmarried) to create a unique event. Family members and friends can be nominated to recite a reading or poem adding a personal touch.  A commemorative certificate for the child will be singed by the supporting adults and presented as a keepsake at the closing of the ceremony.

Ceremonies can take place at ANY location, village hall, restaurant, hotel  (even within the grounds of your own home).

If you are thinking about getting married and you have children, why not make your day a double celebration by including a naming ceremony for your children on the same day?

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