How to be Creative & Make YOUR Ceremony Unique

While wedding day traditions are lovely, why not consider a little creativity for your celebration? Perhaps you're looking for a unique seating arrangement where you can SEE everyone as you make your way down the aisle, and they'll be able to see you too?  After all, it's YOUR wedding, and doing things your way is perfectly OK – but if you're looking for inspiration, I've got several ideas to inspire you!

Unique LOVE LOCKS can be incorporated within your ceremony to  symbolise your unbreakable commitment!  

I'd be happy to explain how to incorporate this as a unique feature within your ceremony.

Personally engraved LOVE LOCKS are securely fastened together as a lasting memory of your ceremony and can be beautifully displayed in a shadow frame alongside your wedding flowers.  

The possibilities for how you dispose of the keys are only bound by your imagination!