Sue Burton 

Celebrant & Wedding Stylist

Weddings really are my passion!

Professional Affiliation: As a Member of the Association of Independent Celebrants (AOIC), I'm part of a distinguished trade association for professional celebrants across the UK and overseas. This affiliation ensures a commitment to excellence in designing and conducting meaningful ceremonies.

Legal Expertise: With 15 years of experience as a former Registrar, I bring a unique blend of skills to my celebrant services. I specialise in delivering heartfelt ceremonies but also provide expertise in arranging the legal aspects of your marriage.  

Professionalism: When it comes to your special day, you deserve nothing but the best. I approach every ceremony with the perfect mix of professionalism and warmth to ensure that you and your guests enjoy the most important day in your life.

Venue Options:  Whether you opt for a regular licensed wedding venue or a unique location of your choice, I’m  an experienced host and will liaise with your chosen wedding suppliers. If necessary, I can also provide valuable recommendations to make your wedding day even more exceptional.  See Wedding Specialists 

Attention to Detail: Being a part of the most memorable moments in people's lives is a privilege. Rest assured that I pay close attention to the small details, ensuring that your special day runs smoothly. I'll be with you every step of the way, creating a ceremony that reflects YOUR style and preferences.

Image Consultant Expertise:  Photographs last a lifetime, so it's crucial that you and your bridal party look and feel amazing. As a stylist & image consultant, I'm able to help create a harmonious look for your special day.  See my 'other role' HERE  Sometimes there's a crossover of both roles - seeing the wedding through from beginning to end!  Read newspaper feature HERE

Personal Connection:  A celebrant is obviously one of the most significant people at your ceremony.  It's important to choose someone who understands your style and who you can connect with, so I’m more than happy to meet, in person or via Zoom, for a friendly chat with absolutely no pressure CONTACT 

As I Celebrant I can help when...

You’d prefer a ceremony that's truly personalised to your story, and ultimately you'd like to know WHO is going to deliver your ceremony. 

Your preferred venue is not a licensed wedding venue, and you'd like a meaningful ceremony in your chosen location, even at your home or in your garden.

Registrars may not be available on the date or time you prefer at a licensed wedding venue, so you need a flexible alternative.

You're already married elsewhere and would like to celebrate with friends and family, or you were married abroad and would like a second ceremony in the UK.

You're looking to renew your vows or celebrate a special anniversary with a beautiful and unique ceremony.

You'd like to celebrate the naming of a child with a heartfelt and meaningful ceremony tailored to your wishes.

Wondering about my Celebrant attire? 

Rest assured, my attire is chosen with your ceremony's overall look and style in mind, making sure I complement your day beautifully.  When I stand at the top of the aisle, it's essential to consider what I wear. After all, I might appear on some of your cherished photos!  Here's how I choose my wedding attire:

Style Expertise:  Drawing on my experience in Colour & Style Analysis Image Consultancy I carefully select my outfit. My choice is influenced by various factors, including your venue, colour scheme, and the season in which your wedding takes place.

Your Wedding Style: I always take your wedding style into account, particularly if you have specific colour schemes or themes. As a Celebrant, my role is to be the 'supporting act,' not the main attraction, so my clothing should complement the overall colour scheme rather than clash or distract.  My primary focus is to deliver an elegant and stylish ceremony, keeping the attention where it belongs — on you! Whether you're planning a daytime or evening ceremony, or a themed celebration like a Gatsby or Halloween-inspired event, I'm more than willing to dress accordingly to match the theme – within reason, of course! It's your special day, so I'm happy to make it even more special.