What Happens at a Celebrant Wedding Ceremony?

When your special day arrives,  I'll be dedicated to your ceremony, with no other commitments. Imagine the peace of mind you'll experience as you see me smiling to greet you at the top of the aisle -  it will be ME who'll be delivering your marriage ceremony!

Sue Burton Celebrant at Bawtry Hall Wedding Venue

Photographed at Bawtry Hall

Every love story is special and deserves a truly unique ceremony... every family has a unique story and sharing a special milestone is really important. Choosing a celebrant means there are no restrictions on timing, format, style, content, location and your ceremony can be tailored to include your own ideas.  Your ceremony can follow a traditional structure, complete with important elements such as exchange of rings and the signing with witnesses, with the addition of heart-centred sincere wording of YOUR own choice.

Planning a Personalised Ceremony 

A few months before your ceremony, we meet in person or via Zoom to get to know each other and discuss the unique content of your ceremony. This will be written with you, as a couple, in mind, and it will be about your love story. Personalised comments, vows, and so much more can be weaved into the ceremony script, creating a unique experience that resonates with you and your guests. I've also got plenty of creative ideas to make your ceremony truly memorable and to symbolise your unbreakable commitment. See Creativity

Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal

Before your big day, we arrange a relaxed rehearsal at your chosen venue. This is your chance to get comfortable with the whole process – knowing where to stand, what to say, and even striking those picture-perfect poses for your important photos.  Plus, I'll be in touch with your wedding co-ordinator, photographer, musician, and everyone else involved to ensure that everything flows seamlessly on your special day. 

Will a Celebrant Ceremony be Traditional? 

Absolutely! If you prefer, your ceremony can incorporate classic wedding traditions like ring exchanges, certificate signing, and the presence of witnesses. But here's the exciting part – you're able to add heartfelt words that are uniquely your own.  Plus, there's more! Creative and symbolic elements can beautifully symbolise your love and commitment to each other. Your ceremony can be a unique blend of traditions and your own love story!  I also completely understand the importance of respecting and incorporating specific traditions, especially if you and your partner come from different cultural backgrounds. Your ceremony should reflect your unique love story while honouring the traditions that are dear to you both.  See: Cultural Ceremony 

exchanging rings signing register

Photos: Chris Snowden Photography & Jenna Kathleen Photography 

How to include Pets & Children at the Ceremony

If you're looking to create an inclusive and heartwarming ceremony, there are ways to involve not just you as a couple, but also family, friends, children, and even beloved pets. Your ceremony is all about sharing an incredible life event, and it should be a memorable, sentimental, joyful, and love-filled experience for all.

If you’re making a life together with children from one or both of a previous relationship, I can design a ceremony that brings joy to the children who participate, making it an even more special occasion that enhances your new blended family.

And here's a delightful tradition for you: "Sixpence in a bride's left shoe." This charming wedding coin tradition symbolises good luck, longevity, and prosperity. So, to bring some extra luck into your marriage journey, I present every bride with a vintage sixpence as a token of good fortune.

Wedding Day Keepsakes

A tangible representation of love, commitment, and cherished memories. At the close of every ceremony, you receive a personalised keepsake box adorned with your colour scheme. Inside, find a beautiful calligraphy-style wedding certfificate together with a script of your personalised marriage vows, poems, special readings, etc.  Plus, any symbolic elements used during the ceremony.

The box symbolises the start of your new journey together. It's a treasure trove of memories, allowing you to reflect on your love and the incredible moments shared on your wedding day.