Lavender is very popular as soon as the wedding season is in full swing! Consider some of the gorgeous properties in France with their Provencal fields of lavender and be inspired how versatile and gorgeous this pretty summer flower would be for a summer wedding. Lavender has a sense of delicacy and creates a romantic atmosphere.  It’s also said to bring good luck, a symbol of love and devotion, making it a particularly meaningful flower to include in any wedding décor.


Lavender is known to have a calming effect which is perfect for a relaxed and romantic wedding. It is a gorgeous shade to combine with neutral, light earthy tones or can be co-ordinated with pinks, soft peach, and pale yellow for a spring/summer wedding. Winter weddings can still incorporate this colour as it would co-ordinate beautifully with rich purples.  Purple is associated with royalty, elegance, refinement, and luxury too.  However, lavender with shades of green would look incredible together at any time of the year.


Perhaps incorporate real lavender within a bridal bouquet or opt for a simple but stunning bouquet of lavender alone, imagine the incredible scent as a bride walks the aisle during the ceremony!  Buttonholes in lavender with foliage would look great on the groom and groomsmen for a country garden wedding and really complement a tweed suit for a rustic touch. 


There are so many ways to incorporate this versatile delicate flower in any wedding décor. It’s perfect for adding a touch of summer to a wedding without spending a fortune as live lavender plants are inexpensive and easily available from most garden centres. Dried lavender bunches are becoming very fashionable and can be used at any time of the year. 


There are many ways to use lavender throughout venue decoration. Using natural dried lavender confetti would not only look divine as guests scatter confetti, it would provide a delicate fragrance too! Lavender is a pretty way to decorate ceremony chairs - simply tie a bunch of dried lavender with hessian or twine and secure to the end of chairs.  Imagine the ceremony aisle decorated with dried or fresh lavender – this would look fabulous next to wooden benches or for an outdoor wedding ceremony. 

Why not consider lavender-themed decorations such as lilac-coloured candles, some silk ribbon details or lavender napkins? Perhaps give the place settings an elegant country garden touch by tying a sprig of dried lavender to each napkin.  Little glass jars filled with lavender and gypsophila could be used as table decorations. How about lavender-themed treats, such as lavender lemonade or cocktails, or a sprig of lavender to decorate a cheese board? Consider a lilac tinted cake or sweet treats, and subtle touches on wedding stationery too.   

If a bride really loves this shade and chooses this to be more prominent in her wedding day, she could opt for a bridal gown in tones of lavender-rose or bridesmaid dresses in lilac shades.   Whether subtle lavender touches are preferred or lots of lavender decor, this can easily be adapted to complement a special day.

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